I grow businesses & build brands through data-led marketing & digital advertising


With over a decade of experience across businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to FMCGs, I've developed a knack for building brands and delivering successful campaigns & strategies.


Proven track record of delivering success against KPIs, through both branding and performance campaigns, whether it's driving awareness, footfall, generating leads or online sales & revenue.


It’s not always about being the biggest, it’s about being the smartest. I have the experience to manoeuvre, even in competitive environments, and tactically reach campaign goals.


Everyone says they do, I really do. This is my career and a big part of my life. I take pride in my work and seeing results from the hard yards I put in, and the fruits of the teams that I manage.

Brendan Clarke

Hi, I'm Brendan Clarke

Marketing & Digital Consultant

I’m a marketing & digital advertising expert, with skills across marketing, digital media, search, and operations.

I’m currently working as Director of Operational Performance at tmwi. I’m responsible for managing the strategy, performance, tech and delivery of marketing and advertising campaigns to grow brands, as well as the operations, commercials, workflows and process of client accounts and the wider business.

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